Add mark hedging support for TBL template


Mark hedging is supported in iRAT (Assessment) and tRAT (Scratchie). We need to also allow it in TBL template.




Marcin Cieślak
February 17, 2021, 9:54 PM

Ernie, please test.

As I mentioned, I do not think that we should make new options collapsible. There are too few. If in the future it becomes too complex, we can hide them.

I put the new options on top, so “mark” spinner is in the same place as in AE.

I used Mark Hedging for checkbox so it is consistent across LAMS. If an user wants to call it otherwise, we can have an extra i18n file especially for him.

After importing questions from QTI/Word, they get immediately collapsed.

Few logic changes:

  • If user creates a new question, mark becomes the “default grade” / “max mark” in QB question. If user imports an question from QB and changes mark, no new version gets created nor the default grade gets modified for the QB question. Instead only the reference in Assessment is set to that mark. So we can have a QB question with default grade 6, but in a given Assessment students get 4 points as this is what the reference says.

  • If user imports a MCQ question from QB and then sets it as Mark Hedging, a new Mark Hedging question gets created in QB.

  • If a question from QB gets a new version, it also gets a new UUID! Till now it shared the same UUID with other versions. So if a question got imported from QB to TBL template, we could not tell which version it is. The idea of UUID was to uniquely identify an exact question, not a group of questions.


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Marcin Cieślak




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